Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the lost of a zippo and transporter 3

monday 15th Dec 2008, was a bad day for me. i lost my jack daniels zippo. it happens when my friend ask me for a lighter, then after he light up his cigar, he just put the zippo at the table in front of me. which is the table is a little bit higher than my vision. so i didnt notice at all that my zippo was there. plus that i'm busy with a new fucking awesome games, the world of goo. it was really addicitve. so the lighter just sit there untouched for a quite long time i think. damn it. the game is so addictive and i've finished the first chapter. it was really hard to finish it. then there was a couple came to me to pay their bills for using the internet. i forgot to tell u that i'm a part-timer ( not really ) at one of the cybercafe near to my house i think. it was just a lepak-lepak at the cc and bila tak ada orang jaga cc, aku pon jaga la sebab boleh main game for free. haha!. back to the couple, the guy was clumsy pulling out his money from his wallet sampai jatuh duit2. huh. i was so baik that day and i gave him his money back. after he had done with the bills, i think he noticed that my zippo just right there in front of him. then he without noticing that there are cctv in the cybercafe picked the lighter up dengan selambanya ( plus cover line masuk kan dalam wallet ) huhu. so that was the story on monday. i was so angry+mental down+frustrated because that was my first zippo and i bought it with my own money. damn it. so it continue the day after.

i called some of my friends yang agak agak kaki pukul ni, + hati kering sket to find that guy. one of my friends know him and he said that guy is studying at kolej komuniti selayang and it was so near from my house. i was thinking that nak pergi gegar je budak tu cause i cant hold myself from what had happened last night. huh. and another friend of mine said he lives near to his house. so i said that was really easy to find him. haha. so aku pon tidur lambat dan bangun awal pagi tu cause i had a date with my friends. just nak lepak lepak so tak jadi la plan nak cari budak tu pagi tu. so i had fun with my friends ( shakila,wan,shafiq,and shakila's cousin ). we watched transporter three and it was really awesome, better than quantum of solace.

after watching movies, i have to picked my grandparents ( my dad's side ) up from my dad's house and bring them to my house because they want to see my mom and my sister. it was really tired and terpaksa aku gagahkan diri for my family. haha. malam nya aku pon melepak di raksasa ( the cybercafe ) as usual. then that couple came back to the cc and i noticed him from the video from the cctv. so i told my friends to ready and my friends were all excited to beat that guy. huh. darah muda ni memang macam tu kan. so we were waiting for eyjard bawang to start that conversation with that guy. i told them not to start until he doesnt admit for three times. this was the conversation between us.

botak : brader, ade terambil lighter tak semalam ?
the guy : lighter? lighter mana? rase nya tak ade la.
me : btol ke ni . memang tak ade amek lighter semalam ?
the guy : rase nya tak ade la. lighter ? hmm tak ade la.
me : btol ni ? sebab kitorg ade cctv kat cc ni.
the guy : ohh jap jap eh. ade kot.

than the guy pergi ke satu sudut and came out with two lighter.

the guy : lighter yang ni ke ?

he showed me two, one of them is mine.

me : yang ni la.

i grabbed my lighter and berpaling ke arah lain.

suddenly that guy was asking for my friends, that wether he knows one of his friends. actually he was cover line and asking for a backup if suddenly my friends nak pukul dia. hahaha. it was so funny and we all had fun last night 'bahan' my friend tu. so it was obviously that the guy steal my lighter and he was lucky because eventhough he doesnt admit his fault, but then he returned my lighter after three times we asked him about the lighter. so that was the story. the moral is dont u ever steal anything form anyone especially a place with cctv.


keyonfreakpic said...

botak mmg kaki pukul..
asal tak panggil aku..
sape eyjard bawang??

ahmadnazmie said...

eyjard yg keje kat raksasa tu la

pap said...

lain kali ikat zippo kat sluar.
tayah cctv pun dah tau dah orang nak curi.